Location: Los Angeles, USA

Duration: 2 Weeks

Instructor: Felipe Correa
Fall 2017 / Harvard Graduate School of Design

Project Team: Collaboration with Ashutosh Singhal and Christina Sun
How will the autonomous vehicle transform the spatial street condition and the development patterns in Los Angeles? This short research project draws inspiration from the car culture in LA and speculates on the future of the street condition and changing culture of LA in the age of autonomous vehicles. The project maps out potentials geographies through looking at traffic congestion, parking lots as land banks and highway infrastructure. By taking economies of scale into account, the project zooms into a smaller site in Downtown LA to explore the possibilities of a temporal street life made possible by future

The autonomous technology can offer us the freedom to transform our streets into multi-functional, temporal urban elements where the technology can subscribe to human conditions and needs to allow for street programming across hours of the day.