Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Duration: 1 Week

Instructor: Bobby Pietrusko
Spring 2018 / Harvard Graduate School of Design

Project Team: Collaboration with Austin Ward
Conceiving the city as a composition of daily rhythms and cyclical repetitions in time, this project explores different spans of these cycles – daily and weekly. The rhythms are expressed through the intensity of activity which expressed through the changing resolution of that activity. We use the idea of resolution to understand the grain of an image of the city. This is mapped onto a surface of duration produced through the activities. The materiality and nature of this
surface blurs the distinct pixels of activities into a unified surface – an overlap of intensities and diversity of activities. Through this project, we are reinterpreting variables of time, cycle, duration, and resolution, into new projections in the space of the city. The model is inspired by the idea of stereoscope where the viewer must intimately engage with
the object and can only gain a complete image of the city by viewing both at the same time.