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Doge – Imagine the
Possibilities – Doggle –
Trailer [8k]
Doge – Imagine the Possibilities – Doggle – Trailer [8k]
Doggle Corporation
Published on 06 September 2027 | 1 month ago
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My life was in utter despair. As a working mom I struggled, always late for work to send my kids to school, keeping an eye on them at home which I became too tired at work that even missed deadline couple of times. I was the one who had to look over the whole family, and now there is Doge who always looks over our family, including me! It began when we first moved into our new house. Naturally we looked for savings wherever we could, yet we wanted modern convenience too. I had a mental picture of my home with labor saving devices, my toast making itself, my groceries being delivered as soon as they ran out, my shower turning on at precisely the right temperature and I was constantly craving for ideas that would give me more leisure. At the same time, in this day and age we live, I was constantly fretting over being observed when I left the comfort of my home. You know what I mean - the annoying eye scans as I hopped on the airtram, the aerial body skims as I ate lunch with the girls in Sentral Park, the cursory glances by those irritating police probes. I wondered, where oh where could I find a device that might make life more convenient and secure?
Well, I was the most surprised woman in town when the expert at the Doogle Jenius Bar suggested I buy a surveillance camera. I was even more surprised when he convinced me I should. And now I have it, it delights me everyday with its efficiency, economy, and security!
You see this is no ordinary surveillance camera – it’s a Doge. The essential difference is that Doge is a artificially intelligent surveillance camera. I didn’t know what that meant but I do now. I know it’s the most helpful companion ever invented and I know it has meant far more money-savings and safety for my family and friends combined. The first thing the Doge did for us was to completely eliminate the cost of traveling to and from the convenience store. I cannot even
believe I ever called that “convenience” for the true meaning of the word has been revealed to me now.

Now freed of all the shackles of daily life, I can finally concentrate on the important things in life. The Doge takes care of everything for me.
The network of the Doge creates a blanket of connectivity across all the devices in the house and but more importantly, as the camera is sensitive to me, it knows all my responses. It can read my emotions better than my husband can.
Yesterday, it recorded me sneezing in real-time and got my flu medicines delivered this morning!
When I’m out and about, it shields me from being recorded by other nosy devices (like those ganglylooking Abble drones) and meddling public robocams.
I finally feel safe in my home at night! Doge watches all of the home portals, and even alerts me when visitors are en route. The upgraded model, Doge+ filters out the unscrupulous & unprincipled that I’d rather not come across, alerting me to their proximity so that I can take a roundabout path to avoid. Oh! the wonders of
modern technology in such simple convenience, who would have imagined!

Who needs those expensive engineered pets when one has a Doge by your side! Always following, flying or ground-bound, I’m no longer alone when my husband’s off to work. With Doge monitoring my heartbeat and blood pressure and
its automatic contact service to local hospitals, I no longer worry about our family’s health. It even recharges itself when its tired, and uploads the day’s activities into Doogle’s central memory bank. Now there’s no need for me to backup my mind-system manually anymore! Oh, the wonderful things that have emerged from
my life with the Doge. For one, to enjoy the benefits of the Doge is to simultaneously immerse oneself in the Doogle community. Our purchase of the
Doge allowed us to access exclusive rates when we wanted to move to the Upper-Echelon centercity.
Our new apartment there in the magnificent Doogle Tower spoke to its innovation and belief in humanity in living up to its fullest potential. The network of people my husband and I have met here has changed our social lives entirely. I met a woman, Kimberley, in the airtrans station, while buying our groceries from the vending machine and our Doges automatically exchanged nutrition cards. Since then, not only do her preferred veggies come up in my grocery feed but I also found an amazing yoga class that she goes to and
bought the perfect gym outfit from the Doogle app store. What a fantastic way to meet like-minded, similar people of the same class as my husband
and I!

This is just one example, living in a Doogle Tower also means access to all those wonderful Doogle amenities, not to mention exclusive Doogle programs and tax benefits. I have a Doogle subscribed home broadcast system, a Doogle
aircar takes my husband to his job at the Upper-Echelon, and my new Doogle friends and I attend seminars in how to behave more like upstanding
Doogle citizens!
I’m glad that I chose my Doogle neighborhood. On my drive to work, I cross the Abble neighborhoods but their housing apartments definitely look more
shabby than ours. I heard from a guy at work that the Abble towers don’t even have “gyms” in them! Also, the Doge Droneport is on my route to work which allows my Doge to just fly through his charging and memory dropoff station in seconds and return back to me without much delay.
Sometimes those few minutes of lost memory give me anxiety. Every few weeks, I visit my memory bank at the Drone Port to access conversations that I had forgotten. Looking up at the vast superbank of collective memories from all of our Doogle community, I marveled at the vast archive of human experiences, knowledge, accumulated over decades, that are now contributing to our
collective Doogle community, making our world a better & safer place.

Its no wonder we call the Doge surveillance device a modern miracle. The Doge can perform any kind of chore by simply reading your face – not only
does it understand you like no other but it also keeps you safer and more private than you will ever be. And a Doge is only the first step in your access
to the comprehensive & wonderful Doogle lifestyle that will revolutionize your world.
Find out about the miracle of Doge for your house. Tele-link us now – LINK NOW, at #DG27837 – for free illustrated digital literature from Doogle Corporation’s office beamed straight into your home broadcast system! You won’t regret this
one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’ll change your life, as it has changed mine!